Turn-key solved

Talos is built to work a project from concept to successful launch and beyond. No project is complete until it works for everyone and solves for every need. Here’s how we do it…


This is the most critical part of our turn-key development process. We do this to learn about your business, your challenges, and all aspects of the situation for which you are trying to solve.

We ask “why?” to define the meaning of success for your product—why it exists and what it will do for your customers. We research the market and your competition.

We find other businesses and products similar to yours and analyze the similarities and differences to ensure that your product is differentiated from the competition.

Then we tap into the minds of all users to create personas and a defining product mission statement. These pieces are used to generate use cases that will determine what features need to be included in the product. Use cases are micro-stories that illustrate the complete variety of uses of the product.


We work out the most appropriate solution in the most compelling package.

We do this with hand-drawn sketches that include site maps, UI elements, and workflows. The result produces multiple viable design paths to pursue. We then assemble a mood board of visual elements and references to bring the prototypes to life.

Ultimately, we assess these prototypes and looks with you, and a final design direction is chosen.

Throughout the agile process, our engineers and you work through the approved designs before they’re developed. We repeat this iterative process as the product grows and becomes more complete, using UX principles to ensure the product as a whole is considered when an update or change is needed. That way we can always see the forest for the trees.


We provide an overview and organizational plan for the entire project and then we proceed to work iteratively in the Agile methodology.

That way, the design team works in tandem with the development team by having segments of design ready and approved as development needs them.


Through years of experience, we’ve found that the best way to serve our clients and collaborate together is through the Agile/Scrum methodology.

It works because we commit to producing as much as we can in two-week stretches called “sprints” and then build on it in future sprints. This allows for real and visible progress within shorter time frames so you will always have a useful version of a product available for review after every sprint.

Agile makes it easier to adjust for changes in project goals and requirements, this can mean anything from new features and fixing bugs to changing design or UI.


We have experienced first-hand the need for vetted, multi-faceted talent that scales to project demands in a cost-effective way.

So we created a company full of that kind of talent. Talent that can either staff a project flexibly and expertly, or deliver a turn-key product from strategy through development.

Our people know how to deliver. We are bold and confident about the things we can make, and friendly, empathetic, and upbeat with the customers who seek our help. We know that the better our work is, the better we will work together. And the better we work together, the better our work will be.

This is why Talos works.